everyone at work thinks im a lesbian and its really funny


A few photos from the Secret Rose Boudoir tea party I attended~ It was my first tea party and my first lolita coord. I had an amazing time!
also here~

Dress: Innocent World
Blouse: Krad Lanrete
Head Dress: Handmade
Shoes: Offbrand
Tights/gloves: Taobao
Fan/Jewelry: Vintage


Hung out with friends today!

Coord Rundown:
-JSK: AP Butterfly Flower
-Blouse: Forever 21
-Bag: BTSSB Heart Ribbon/BTSSB Usakumya Pochette
-Accessories: AP/Offbrand
-Boots: Bodyline 224


Olafur Eliasson layers a riverbed within louisiana museum of modern art.

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i feel like this should be recorded in a history book

Beyoncé could give me a fucking 25 cent mood ring and i would pee myself i dont even know how nicki is dealing with this

things to do tomorrow

  • drop car off
  • walk puppies
  • suitcasee!!
  • trousers
  • mask
  • charity shoppn
  • wash clothes
  • hedgehog!!

when people call me rowan  (◡‿◡✿)

me: tru tbh but like idk like but idk man u kno? idk

Anonymously message me (3) things you want to know about me.


The outfit that i wore on the first day of Peppcon!
This is the dress and headbow that i won in the Kawaii international contest they are so pretty ; 3 ;

Outfit rundown:
Wig: eBay
Headbow & dress: KOKOkim
Bubblegum bitch pin: Eyecandy
Moon pin: Strawberry planet
Choker: Handmade
Cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger
Wristcuffs & socks: Angelic pretty
Shoes: Swankiss


Hannibal + circles

Circles represent wholeness and infinity, without beginning or end. They imply unity but draw boundaries between that which is included and that which is outside; they simultaneously protect and restrict.

In cinematography, the circle beckons the viewer in. We are invited to step inside, to inhabit another world and to partake in its symbolic meaning.



most amazing feeling to wake up in fresh mountain air, look out through a cozy tent and see nothing but ocean, waves, and nature for miles. Camping in Big Sur was a trip


Today’s Gender of the day is: Ayyyyygender!


Today’s Gender of the day is: Ayyyyygender!

the artwork at work is super cool!!!